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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Prettiest Month On The Mountain

Okay, so this post is way out of chronological order... too bad for that folks! The weather outside at Cascade Bluff is (reportedly) frightful, with 54 degrees below zero F windchill this morning at the Grand Marais Airport and 27 below air temp. 

Fear not my friends. We aren't there right now. We're in the city, where it is balmy by comparison. Only 7 below here this AM (air temp) and 17 below windchill. Hey, its the tropics! 

But I digress. This post is all about the loveliest month of the year... September. And this is a photo homage to "our" Mountain... that is, the bluff to our southwest that is locally known as Cascade Mountain. It is only about 150 feet taller than "our" Bluff and is less than 3/4ths of a mile away, but that's plenty to enhance the view. And who could ever get tired of wondering about those basalt cliffs, that top crowned with white pines and big spruce, and those shoulders draped with maples? 

So here is The Mountain, day by day, from the deck on the west side of our house at Cascade Bluff, September, 2014, in all sorts of weather and at a variety of times of day, but mostly from the same spot. I hope you'll be just as enthralled as we were to see all the changes in just one short glorious month! 

And just as a reminder, here's a shot from a very similar spot from that magical morning of Dec 11th...

We'll be heading north again very soon and will be posting pics that will look even whiter, I suspect!