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Monday, February 6, 2012

Lost an old friend today

 We have sad news to report from Bloomington, 270 miles south of Cascade Bluff. Our old buddy, Alexander the Great, our grey tabby cat, 13 years old this spring, went to join his brother Oscar and his foster-mom, Lucy, today. 

Alex, AKA "Big Al" or "The Grey Boy" or "Rosie's Boy Toy" was diagnosed with kidney failure almost 6 years ago, made lots worse by an abscessed tooth and the loss of his favorite Mama-Cat, Lucy, who mothered anything and anyone who would sit still. The tooth came out and he perked up and we decided to never check his kidney function again... too traumatic. Not alot to do about it but restrict his diet (NOT--he was the biggest beggar on the planet!) and make sure he drank lots of water. Which he did... until the last couple of weeks. Here he is recently looking quite bedraggled and glassy-eyed... 

"Where'd my brudder go? I miss him..."

Rosie is hardly the maternal type, but even the lady devil cat seemed to sense that her adopted big brother (with the tail she loved to catch and bite) wasn't feeling so hot... 

We erred on the side of mercy and advocated for our old friend today. 

We'll sure miss ya, buddy! 


  1. I am so sorry you had to say good bye to Alexander.

    I love the photo of Rosie snuggling with him.


  2. Always tough to say goodbye to an old friend.

  3. I'm so sorry, I know it's hard but you did good for old Alexander, when I come back as a cat I hope to get owners/servants like you two.

  4. Sad. Hoping you are healing.