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Friday, June 3, 2011

Glorious Cascade River Portrait

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We just had a wonderful visit from our dear friend Meghan Walsh. She zipped up from the Twin Cities for a few days of R and R and a well deserved break from her busy clinical schedule at HCMC. We took her for a couple of nice walks in the nearby woods to check out Cascade River at her spring finest. Here are Val and Meghan smiling for the camera near the rushing stream...
Our first stroll was south into Cascade River State Park, 3/4s of a mile south of us as the raven flies and about 6 by vehicle to the trailhead along the river. We walked to Hidden Falls...

...and were impressed by the really rockin' stream... really cold too!

Hidden Falls is really a long series of falls and swooping cataracts...

...and Cascade finally gathers through one deep chasm and dives southwest toward the rest of the state park and the famous and much higher Cascade Falls, near Hwy 61 at the park entrance. (We didn't walk that far on this occasion...)

In the evening we made our way up to the top of the Cascade Bluff properties, where a 20 acre plot is held in common by all the property owners. We don't know if these falls have a name, but they are nearly as spectacular as the ones in the state park!

Here's a couple of views looking back downstream...

...and not far below the whirling waters the stream seems calm and placid (not so -- deep, rushing and ice cold is more apt...)

Up above the first set is another set of falls peeking out...

...but lots harder to get to without a chilly dunk!

And finally some detail shots of the rushing waters with that North Shore reddish tinge...

Keep an eye out for this final image... You will see this one again!


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  2. I would love to know how to get to the falls near the Cascade Bluff properties but I can't find them on a map. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!