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Monday, April 4, 2011

Blogging Bother

Okay, so the nice photo posted for the last couple of weeks was a street in Antigua, Guatemala known as "Arch Street", and wasn't that a fabulous volcano in the background? So what the heck was a picture of Guatemala doing on our blog anyway? Well, we were there from March 13th to the 20th doing some volunteer work with a group called "WINGS" and I had big plans for a blog entry all about our trip and including info on the organization... but I am having Bloggodyslexia or the dreaded Bloggy Mountain Spotted Fever or something, and can't make this site bend to my will! So, keep checking periodically, I hope to have not just one but two posts soon, the first will be a sunny travelogue of Guatemala and the second will demonstrate (as evidenced by the new front page photo) that Winter has not let us her grip on the north country! We just returned from Cascade Bluff where it snowed another 8 or 10 inches. Thank goodness (I guess) for Trax -- otherwise we'd have been stuck up there... uh... and had to miss work and everything... uh... maybe those Trax weren't such a great idea after all...

Stay tuned!

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