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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double the Power!

It is February up at Cascade Bluff, meaning still lots of snow and a good deal more than 6 weeks of winter left! Clouds and white stuff is in our weather forecast for a while. So, last time we were up, in Jan, we had a consult with Brian Bennett, solar maven, and we decided to add another bank of 8 batteries to give us more power and hopefully less time on the generator. We had 8 and are doubling our battery capacity.
But getting 1000 pounds of batteries up to our place with our unplowed road and a Jeep Wrangler Sport is not an easy task.... Enter the trailer, borrowed from our good neighbor and fellow blogger, Stan T (Murmur Creek Observatory)...

Here is the trailer all loaded with the batteries, to be tarped, 'cause Babe throws a lot of snow with her new winter boots!

The full load arrived at the top o' the hill intact and reasonably dry....

Welcome, batteries, and electricity geniuses (and Morgan)!

Geniuses have to do some heavy labor, at times...
Each one of those batteries weighs in at 165 lb. Yikes!

The battery staging area.... That's our wood hauling sled in the background...

Here they are, installed and collecting electrons from the sun!

Morgan's had an exciting day, she's ready for her nap!
Thank you to Brian and Randy for all the help, and to Stan for being such a great neighbor... And to Morgan for helping convince Val of the wisdom of getting a really nice dog!

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