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Friday, January 21, 2011

Xtremely Cold, Xtremely Cool, Xtremely Fun!

In addition to the feet of new snow we have up at Cascade Bluff, we're in the midst of a deep freeze. Last night our new electronic thermometer reached its lower limit (not as billed on the package, which said the device was good to 39 below...) and this AM said "OFL" which could mean "Oh! Frightfully Low!" or "Off Line" but essentially, too cold to register. Our old fashioned analog thermometer read (-)26 F. Any way you phrase it -- a bit chilly! But sunny today too, as is often the case in the Northland. With frigid temps come bright clear skies. So we are making electrons today, for free, from the sun!

In the meantime, we are determined NOT to ever be unable to access our New World, regardless of the temp, snow conditions, or mud (yes, mud season isn't far away...) So Val's done lots of research, and we've had good advice from our neighbor Stan Tull (see his blog about Murmur Creek Observatory, located a few miles from us) and have the Ultimate Xtreme Solution. We've got Tracks!! Read on and watch the process unfold!

Stan has been a true friend in all of this. He broke trail with his own set of tracks for access to his observatory and cabin on a nearby lake. After getting a ride with him in his tracked vehicle we decided to go ahead. The tracks replace each wheel and are sized for different cars, trucks and SUVs. Luckily for us, the most common size fits our Jeep Wrangler. We had the traks delivered to Stan's garage. Here he is "deploying" one of the tracks.

A close up view of one track...
Stan is getting ready to jack up the Jeep. Val's recording the event and giving a helping hand when needed...

The Jeep wheel is off, ready for the track...

Lining up the track lug nuts...

Stan tightening the tracks onto our Jeep...

Front end up...

One track on, one to go!

Almost ready!

And here she is -- that is, Babe, the Blue Jeep -- with Val in the driver's seat enjoying herself very much! Don't those tracks look like they'd go just about anywhere? Poor Dimples (the red Ford truck in the background) is feeling a little abandoned at the moment. We plan to put her in the garage for the duration of winter once our road can't be plowed... which will be very soon.

Here are a couple of juicy clips of Babe with her new tracks, running around the property. And Val looking extremely pleased with herself --- as we will both be (and any guests we shuttle up) for trips to Cascade Bluff between now and when the mud has settled down!

video video

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  1. My Jeep is jealous. Looks liks great fun.