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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Send Positive Vibes NORTH

For those of you who haven't heard, a member of the Grand Marais community is up near the top of the world right now, on the slopes of Denali. Local polar explorer Lonnie Dupre is right in the midst of a solo summit attempt on Mt. Denali in Alaska, and if successful would be the only person to do so in winter.

Turns out, Lonnie is also a talented carpenter and was hired as one of our crew members in the fall of 2009 and helped raise our timber frame. Lonnie is the guy in the red hooded sweatshirt and beard, waiting out a passing snow flurry at the entrance to our garage up on Cascade Bluff with Brian Bennett on the left and Peter Hendrickson on the right. This was taken in October of '09 when the guys and Tom Healy were waiting for a bit of a break in the weather to start assembling the timber frame that was carved (in part by us) in Tom's shop in
Whitefish, Montana. (See earlier blog entries for a recap of all this...)

Lonnie's facing way more difficult circumstances tonight! I have linked his blog which has up to date info on how he is doing in 40 to 60 below zero weather with 100 mile an hour winds... yikes!

Please, everyone reading this blog, send lots and lots of positive energy up to Alaska and Mt. Denali. Come home safely, Lonnie!

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