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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lots of White Stuff

We arrived on Jan 16 to lots more snow and more on the way! It is brilliantly beautiful...but I think we've got enuf now...

Our access road is beginning to look like a long winding tunnel. Casey the Wonder Guy with the Plow Truck has done a fantastic job but he is running out of room to put the white stuff!

Our nice sunny deck has some new decor... Those aren't fluffy white pillows on the chairs!

Come on up and have a cup a coffee when you're done out there!

Deep snow makes breaking trail a whole new experience...

This sign on our west boundary is usually 4 feet high!
Have you ever seen such a brilliant blue?

Mother Nature's been out here with the whipped cream...

Our house in the woods is snug and warm...

Here's the path to the sauna -- carved out of a deep snowbank...

...and the view back to the house from inside the sauna, where it was 165 degrees tonight inside, and 15 below outside!! We call that Xtreme Sauna-ing!

Check back soon for pix of our latest new toy -- and our means to get in and out over all this snow in the coming months!

1 comment:

  1. Love the thermometer reading: "OFL" Kinda like my car thermometer that, when it gets super-cold, will read "ICE".

    I like your's better. Read it phonetically: OFL = awful!!! hehehe