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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods

Greetings on Thanksgiving morning from Cascade Bluff! This is the view out our door this morning. We are snug and warm, thankful for beautiful snow, wonderful winter, insulated walls, wood fires, lots of food in the pantry, good coffee, many books, nice music, messages from far away friends and loved ones, excellent cell phone service, gorgeous weather, each other, and for every moment of our lives.

Here is something we have picked out especially for our place up north, and we'd like to share with everyone reading our blog:

Elemental Blessing For Our New Home

Before a human voice was ever heard here,
This place has known the respect of stone,
The friendship of the wind, always returning
With news of elsewhere, whispered in seed and pollen,
The thin symphonies of birdsong softening the silence,
The litanies of rain rearranging the air,
Cascades of sunlight opening and closing days,
And the glow of the moon gazing through darkness.
May all that elemental enrichment
Bless the foundation and standing of our home.

Before we came here, this place has known
The wonder of children's eyes,
The hope of mornings in troubled hearts,
The tranquility of twilight easing the night,
The drama of dreams under sleeping eyelids,
The generous disturbance of birth,
The anxieties of old age unclenching into grace,
And the final elegance of calmly embraced death.
May the life of our new home enter
Into this inheritance of spirit.

May the rain fall kindly,
May the daylight illuminate our hearts,
May the darkness never burden,
May those who dwell here in the unseen
Watch over our coming and going,
May our lives of love and promise
Refine and deepen the mind of this land.

John O'Donohue

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!