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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hot Stuff Part I

A long delayed posting is all about one of the new features of our place on Cascade Bluff-- a wood-fired hot tub! Here are some photos of the tub assembly in progress....

Laying out the pieces...

Somebody is muttering... "Cut twice, measure once... or is it measure twice, cut once... aw, dang it..."

"Please to read instructions before attempt of assembly..."

This little guy came with the kit!

The submersible stove in place...

Beautiful patio pavers...

...and voila! The hot tub is assembled and ready to go!

The stove sits under the water behind that slatted fence (in case someone decides to lean against the stove...) It is 4 feet deep, has no jets, just lots and lots of hot water. More like a Japanese soaking tub than a Jacuzzi... or, if you prefer, a cauldron...

High tech "stirring device" ...

The real test: winter!

Here's the tub heating up with its insulated "hat" on. She gets pretty toasty -- 104 degrees!

I had one more shot of an unnamed person actually soaking happily in the hot tub, but I value my relationship more than the blog, so that picture remains private!

Next post: Hot Stuff Part II...


  1. It’s actually my dream to have a wooden hot tub in my home. I’ve always been fascinated by Japanese baths, and I think this tub is the right one for me. It would be such an experience to soak in that tub with a towel on your head during the winter, just like in the Japanese animes that I watch. Haha! You’re so lucky!

    Cathy Newman

  2. Wow, det verkar härligt med en badtunna! Härligt också med en stor trädgård. Underbart ju!

  3. Wow, that hot tub looks amazing! It must be very relaxing to just watch the snow fall while your body is submerged in warm water. That Japanese soaking tub would be really perfect for tiring days, and of course as a way to bond with family – though you’ll probably need a bigger one for that. Haha! Thanks for sharing on how you built it. Hopefully I would see more pictures with you and your family enjoying the Japanese hot tub. Enjoy!

    Erica Spence @ Culligan Hot Tubs