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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Springing Along

Here are some wonderful photos from Chris, taken this week of the progress inside and out. We had a sort of an ACKKK!! moment a few weeks ago, realizing that this counter did not come out as far as we had planned. But the day was saved by the efforts of Jim E, the overhang of the counter was increased, supporting corbels that look like timber frame braces were installed, and now we can sit at this nice overhanging counter and sip our coffee or eat breakfast in style!
Here is the kitchen... Cabinets awaiting facings...
A close up of the tile backsplash behind the kitchen stove...

In the "living room" the Vermont Castings wood stove is re-installed (well, almost... no stovepipe at this moment) and sits on the gorgeous Minnesota slate hearth with the streaming river of stone behind it.

Here is something you haven't seen before! Our first floor Mistress Bathroom, all tiled in with a mix of newly purchased (closeout special from Tile Liquidators) and more of the Mexican stuff. This blue is lighter in color than the kitchen cobalt; it is called "denim" and it does look like nicely worn jeans. The sink is kinda cool, don't you think? Another SW artifact, bought on one of many trips to Albuquerque, and waiting for all these years to be of use!

Upstairs bath, with the row of "spice box" hand-made tiles as a nifty and completely unique backsplash. There aren't any more of those tiles -- if we break one, I'll have to dig out the plaster mold and make some more!

Back out in the living area, the recycled Doug Fir wood flooring is going in. And notice the wood facing on that peninsula, under the counter? That's more Doug Fir, milled off the sides of our old reclaimed timbers.

Outside, the siding is complete! From the north, you can see the shingles that fit into the gable.

And from the south, doesn't our New World look grand?

We're heading up to check things out in person on April 24, so next week watch for another post with more photos of progress.

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