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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can't Wait For Spring!

I just can't wait for spring this year, so I've decided to post some pictures from last spring, 2009, when I got lucky and caught some of the woodland and prairie blooms that pop up every year. These blossoms only last for a week each year, so you have to get out in the woods and fields at the right time!

I could use some color in this warm but dreary gray late winter/early spring, so I thought everyone else might feel the same. Enjoy! We head to the northland next week and will post more images from the ongoing progress at Cascade Bluff.


  1. Gorgeous close-ups! Love the harebell-looking one. What kind of camera, if you don't mind me asking? :)

  2. I took most of these with a Nikon D50. The harebell flower (5th photo on the post) is a pasqueflower, a really early spring prairie flower. A patch of them grow about a block from our Bloomington house and as far as I know, nowhere else in the urban area. Kathy

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