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Monday, October 5, 2009

10/12/09: A Very Auspicous Day... We hope

October 12 is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.... Columbus Day in the US.... Health and Sports Day in Japan... and we hope will be our Timber Frame Raising Day at 556 Cascade Bluffs, at Kathy and Val's New World.

Problem is, we don't know if all the stars, timbers, cranes, guys, trucks, scaffolding, chisels, mortices and tenons will be aligned on that exact date!

So stay tuned and be patient, and if you are planning to travel to Grand Marais for our raising, help us enjoy whatever comes on Oct 12 -- a frame raising, or just an enjoyable couple of days in the autumn forest...

...and we hope you like that our blog has changed with the seasons!


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed for the 12th-I'm still planning to be there on the 13th.

    Great photos!!

  2. Wishing all the best for the 12th. Gorgeous location! May it be everything you desire and more.

  3. I am finally back home,and your home is progressing fast,I'll keep the faith for the 12th.what awesome pic's, I was still at so I never got to see the fall changes;your photos made up for you