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Thursday, September 24, 2009

We've Got Walls!

Chris Norman, our fabulous builder, and crew, are making progress. Here are Chris's photos from today....

Here is the first floor, and the big white slabs that look like giant ice cream sandwiches are SIPs: Structural Insulated Panels. They are two panels of OSB (oriented strand board, the new jargon for something like plywood) and a thick slab of foam insulation. Ours are 8 inches thick...

The struts that will support the second floor...and there's that view again...

Views from inside the first floor, with some of the timbers that we carved in Montana!

And here's Nick, superhero, tree-lover and great carpenter
demonstrating that our structure stands up!

We're heading to Grand Marais ourselves in 48 hours, and we hear that the leaves are nearly at color peak, so expect more photos very soon!


  1. Doggone it! Chris beat me to the punch-I told him I couldn't post photos over my wireless connection & he capitalized on it-I can't say my photos are much different...

    Very photogenic subject!

  2. HA! Susan, I intend to re-post this one with some of your photos added to it, especially the one with your puppy dog looking out at the view! KMO