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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something New (for us): Empire Builder and a Carpentry Internship

The Empire Builder pulls into St. Paul

In late March of 2009 we got on the Amtrak train, the Empire Builder, in St. Paul and rode the rails to Whitefish where we became temp workers in the Healy Timber Frame and Hunting Dog Breeding Enterpise. We spent a great ten days or so re-learning what we'd forgotten from our Timber Frame Basics class at North House a year earlier, and helped carve some of our very own timbers! We ain't tellin' which ones, though... You'll all just have to guess. (Look for the telltale blood stains...)

Beautiful Douglas Fir end grain... and a bitch to carve!

The Japanese chisel-mortiser

Tom wielding the massive saw

Some beams with finished mortices...

Healy actually allowed Kathy to do some of the layout...hope the frame stands up...

Val checks the width of the mortice...

I love my router!

Val putting her Harvard degree to work... or at least her sweatshirt...

Kathy demonstrates her grasp of the concept of the "knee brace"...

Healy the extraordinary cook making lunch...was it sharp-tailed stir fry or venison chili that day?

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffons... ooh my, such scary dogs!

Not all work--we also visited Lake McDonald in Glacier NP

Dawn in Whitefish on our final day, waiting for the train to take us home...

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