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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Making Up Our Minds

We spent much of the summer, fall and early winter of 08 and into 09 on a mission to figure out what we wanted for our dream cabin. Not too big... but big enough. Not ordinary... definitely not! Beautiful. Practical. Great view. Energy efficient. Cutting edge, but traditional. Rustic, but comfortable. We toured. We gathered opinions. The Team of Fabulous Guys (hereafter known as TFGs) floated a bunch of ideas by us. We looked in magazines, and spent hours on the 'net searching for small cabin plans..for timber frame plans... for energy-efficient plans... We hemmed and hawed, and sighed. We weren't really excited about much of what we saw.

Then Val remembered an article we saw in Natural Home Magazine from Jan-Feb of 2006, not long before we bought the property. We'd clipped it and saved it, and it had been a "look" we'd both really loved.

So, "A Lookout Above" became our new starting point. A house in central Oregon designed to look like a fire tower, the original is 20 by 20 feet, has 3 stories and a deck on all four sides with windows encircling the 3rd floor. WOW! We knew we had a fabulous view of Lake Superior to take advantage of, so why not?

Our first try at a floor plan, using plain ol' pencil and graph paper....

"Architectural drawings" a la KMO

We tweaked and morphed, made compromises to the Cook County climate and eliminated the deck and bank of windows on the north side, tweaked and pulled, yanked and squawked, scratched and pondered and probably drove our TFGs a little bonkers. But, it IS our house, and we wanted OUR stamp on it... And we've finally got it!

Elevation from the south (will look out over the lake)

Elevation from the west

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