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Saturday, August 22, 2009


What a lovely day at Cascade Bluff! We started today, August 22, by admiring the view from Pike Lake Road of the garage from afar.
That small white blotch is our garage roof

Then as we approached our land from the north, we could see the curve of the bluff from the road that crosses our neighbors' land. Dave and Meredith Homans are up at Leo Lake off the Gunflint this weekend, with no cell phone or internet service... ahhh... bliss.

We spotted a visitor (or we should say that we were visiting her territory!) who very nicely posed for us on a nearby branch. She is a young broadwing hawk, and I say "she" because the she-hawks are always 30% bigger than the he-hawks, and this one was pretty darn big. She was munching on something; you go girl, get them mousies for us!
A beautiful broadwing hawk

Here is the view from just above where the cabin will sit. You can see the forms for the concrete footings laid out in front of you, and our fabulous view of Lake Superior and the Wisconsin shore in the distance.
The footings are right on bedrock. That rebar is driven into solid rock! This cabin ain't movin'!

These are stacks of insulated concrete forms that will make up the enclosing walls of the foundation and surround the insulated slab.

Here is some future firewood....

And future cedar benches...

And some aspen that will make cordwood for a heavenly scented sauna.

To entice our friends to come and visit, here is a trail along the top of the ridge that we worked on today with our hand saw and clippers.

One of the now very rare majestic white pines... So few left because they were nearly all cut down in Minnesota for their very fine lumber.

White pine needles and cones...

Moose maple leaves with some hints of autumn...

One more view of the Great Lake...

Ahhh... Bliss!

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