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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Won't she look great with a black and white Border collie hanging out of a window?

Our very first purchase, besides the property itself and a Cook County map, was this delightfully cute little object. (She's a she, but as yet does not have a name that has stuck. Anyone have a suggestion?) Absolutely necessary, totally practical, high clearance, 4 wheel drive... and such a great blue color! Now, the original deal was that Val got to have the Jeep she's always wanted (note that the vehicle is still wearing her hard top in this photo, and has no mud at all...her maiden voyage to the New World...) and Kathy would get a dog to ride in the Jeep. A slight digression: Kathy is a total animal junkie: furred, finned, feathered, clawed, hoofed, pawed, beaked, winged... anything. Val on the other hand loves cats, but dogs...hmmm. But for Kathy, dogs are a special treat, especially those quintessential dogs' dogs, Border Collies. With red collars. Or red bandanas on their necks. To match their red lolling tongues. But even Kathy admits that our current mad schedule precludes adequate time to care and train an exuberant doggie, so it is a future dream. But watch out... the woggie is coming!

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