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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How It All Began

It all started with a boring medical meeting in May of 2006 and two old friends skipping out to catch up in the hallway. Val ran into Dave Homans, a former colleague and now a Cascade Bluff Road neighbor. Dave happened top mention that he and his wife, Meredith, had recently closed on a deal to purchase a property that borders the Cascade River. Hmm, one of our favorite places... and oh, by the way, the adjoining property is still for sale.

An internet search and a trip to Grand Marais, and we were tromping about on 80 spectacular acres of woods, bluff and riverfront. No road to it? No concerns, we can walk. Steep bluff? Exciting. What a view! 4 miles off the county road, winter access...interesting, at best? What, us worry?

And soon, we were the proud owners of 80 fabulous acres, near the middle of the aerial view you see below. We've got the bluff and the river. We've got views from the ridge of Cascade, ridges north, east and west. And to the south, an expanse of Superior that can't be beat... in our opinion. And did we mention all those sugar maples, so golden in the fall?

So, check in here for the seemingly never ending story of Kathy and Val's New World, how it started, the bumps along the way, and where we are now. We hope to have a post this summer showing our new cabin rising up!

Kathy and Val

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