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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Winter, First Accomplishment

January 07: survey complete! This step in the process was really critical, since our east boundary lies draped over the ridge leading to our bluff...diagonally. (Just like in Harry Potter: Diagon Alley. Get it slightly wrong, and *poof*! You've fallen off the bluff and are trying to build a road over a boulder the size of a three car garage, and you're on federal property, to boot.)

Our official survey map

And when the snow melted, we discovered that the east boundary was just a teensy bit farther west than we'd hoped. Drum roll, please, as we wait for our man Greg the Road Guy to tell us whether he can sneak a road inside the property line without blasting a tunnel through the rocks. Perhaps the suggestion of a funicular railway wasn't such a bad idea after all....

Really -- our bluff isn't quite this steep... but sometimes it looks like it...

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